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I am a photographer based in the Minneapolis area. I am available for any type of photography.

With the curent trend toward digital photography among the home enthusiast, it is ever important to remember the roots of photography. I am a film user at heart and still cary film cameras with me even though my primary cameras are now digital. I have been using digital methods as a replacement to darkroom chemicals since 1995.

This site has managed to become in need of some serious updating and will see it soon. For a more complete portfolio, please see my Flickr page.

Take a look at what I have done and what I can do.

Stock:Photography for publication. If you're an artist, a printer, an advertiser, or any other user of stock photography, I am your suplier of nature photos.
Services:Photography on Demand. Having an event? Need headshots? Looking for documentation of a project? Whatever your demand, this is your supply.
Art:Photography for the Wall. I have made available some of my favorite photos as photographic process prints. My art is available framed, or sandwiched in a cardboard mailer.
Gadgets:Photography in the Bag. Ever wondered what a professional photographer has or does to create better images? Take a quick peek into my bag and find out. I'll also be posting reviews of gadgets here so you can research before you buy.
Url's:Photography on the Internet. A list of other photography sites that I find myself drawn to on a regular basis.